Medical tattooing

With medical tattooing, or micro hair pigmentation, performed in our clinic, we successfully eliminate initial alopecia (receding hair) and scars on the scalp remained after strip harvesting and FUE surgeries, by imitating a hair color and structure similar to the natural one. It is probably the most economical way to solve the issues related to surgical scars initially. Due to modern ultra-thin needles and special pigments, with this method, it is possible to increase an amount of transplanted hair during FUE, when harvested hair in the donor zone are limited and yet maximum hair shall be transplanted to the top or forehead site. Thus, the imitation concealing local scars in the harvested zone is of the superior quality, and one can only identify whether it is a short hair or a drawn line by staring from a very close distance.

More frequently, patients with medical tattoos prefer short haircuts which add a maximum concealing effect to their tattoos. Still, even if a patient enjoys wearing long hair while his or her issue is related to a post-harvesting surgical scar that can be seen even through the long hair, a medical tattoo will visually change a skin tone so that the scar is not visible anymore.

Medical tattoos in our clinic are applied without affecting deep layers of the skin, using a professional tool made in Germany with ultra-fine needles and medical coloring pigments that does not change its color or fade away over time and slowly dissolves within 1or 2 years. The pigment may stay in the scar tissue even longer. The procedure is painless and takes few hours at the average or is divided into several stages, for instance, if a scar is large or has a complex structure; however, firstly, a sample tattoo is drawn in a small area of the scar to determine stability of the pigment and density of tattooing. The colorant survives over a month and then you may need a correction of the image in those areas where the tattoo’s color faded or was unstable.

Sometimes, diseases that cause hair loss are direct contraindications for hair transplant. Total alopecia, circumscribed alopecia, relapsing folliculitis resulting in Pseudopelade Brocq are among them. In such cases, medical tattooing is a sole indicated solution that will conceal hair loss.

Please note that the procedure is contraindicated for persons suffering from atopic dermatitis, eczema, relapse of skin diseases (e.g.: neurodermatitis), psoriasis, pigmented spots, and drug allergy to anesthetics.

Left view before
Left view after
Back view before
Back view after
Right view before
Right view after