Our history

Volosy.ru clinic is a leading Russian clinic for hair restoration surgery and was opened in St. Petersburg in 2004 on the initiative of Sergey Fyodorv, a hair restoration surgeon renowned in Russia as well as abroad who led pioneer research in this field of aesthetic medicine in St. Petersburg. Establishment of the clinic was supported and jointly realized by the following co-founders: Dr. Bradley Wolf (USA), Mr. Ivan Bakhurin (USA) and Mr. Oleg Khvosteyev (Russia). Our clinic location is as follows: 69 pr. Prosvescheniya, St. Petersburg, Russia.

A creative environment combined with rich experience obtained by Dr. Sergei Fedorov which includes experience from the first hair transplant clinic established in St. Petersburg under the auspices of St. Petersburg State Medical University named after I. P. Pavlov, and educational and practical assistance received from the clinic of Dr. Bradley Wolf (Dr. Bradley R. Wolf, Wolf Medical Enterprises, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA), with this experience Dr. Sergei Fedorov started his practice in St. Petersburg, financial, marketing, logistic and managmeent assistance from Mr. Ivan Bakhurin and from Mr. Oleg Khvosteyev allowed to achieve the desired goal.

Specifically, we organized a clinical work exclusively specialized in hair restoration and treatment at the high professional level to ensure the best results of hair transplant for both men and women and eventually provide an impeccable reputation of the clinic among the patients and transplant surgeons.