About us

We are pleased to welcome you to our website created in 2003 for people concerned about losing their hair, who wish to fight hair loss and are actively seeking solutions. Our next step was to establish a clinic Volosy.ru in 2004, which is currently a leading Russian medical institution, specialized in surgical hair restoration. In addition, together with medical device manufacturing company Gold Thread USA, we started development of the aesthetic medicine as known as gold face lifting that enables restoration of the skin elasticity, rejuvenation and youthful appearance with the medical grade gold threads (99.99 %).

It may sound oddly enough, but only 3% of men and women with receding hair make real efforts to prevent or stop hair loss. As for the others, unfortunately, they accept their hair condition as a sad and troubling nuisance that cannot be fought efficiently. Meanwhile, heavy hair thinning becomes a serious matter for many of them, which being a seemingly insoluble issue, may even cause a severe depression. At our website, we provide information about a comprehensive solution that is hair transplant and help you make the right choice.

Our team is comprised of experienced doctors who have been treating hair loss according to the international standards for many years. We keep up with the advanced and innovative clinical practices founded by Dr. Bradley Wolf, a hair restoration surgeon in the United States and Europe. You can win your lost hair back! We will introduce you to the existing treatment methods and will provide options for you to choice.